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2nd-Jun-2008 12:24 am - [SUBBED] Leah Dizon - Softly
here's another request, Leah Dizon's softly. enjoy!

*comment if you're taking!

karaoke na!
31st-May-2008 06:48 pm - Japan Day at Central Park
So tomorrow's Japan Day. i'm going! is anyone else going?! I have to go to the Philippines Independence Day Parade (yum food and to support my fellow D3 peeps!) before this but i'll be there just in time to see Shota Shimizu perform HOME (i love this song!) It'll be a hectic day.

Japan day @ Central Park
27th-May-2008 04:33 am - (subbed) Tegomasu - Ai Ai Gasa
I was planning on subbing this as soon as it came out but I was away and didn't bring my laptop. Needless to say, i'm a few days late but i just HAD to make my own karaoke version of Ai Ai Gasa.

please comment if you're taking. a simple thanks is very much appreciated. ^__^

増田愛してる |  mf
12th-May-2008 06:07 pm - JE fandom knows NO boundaries....
I find it amazing that JE fandom has reached worldwide. But who says that it's only limited to fangirls?! Fanboys do exist and I have to say, it's great that eventhough they face constant scrutiny over their taste in music, they still enjoy it as much as we fangirls do. To all fanboys out there, i got your back and if anyone makes fun of you...i'll help you guys kick their ass!!! those who are stupid enough to laugh at you don't know what they're missing...

ANYWAY, as a great example of JE fanboys.. I give you Cherish (credit to akanishikoki for giving me this link)

ps. waaa..they even memorized the words!! for some reason, i can't memorize this song *hides behind the door out of shame*

8th-May-2008 04:47 pm - taking requests for subbed pv's
Thanks to my cousin, i've taken a liking on making subbed pv's. So i'm taking requests for any videos (pv/perf) that you want to see subbed. The only condition is that you don't rush me to do it. It takes quite a lot of time to make one and i'm still learning. It won't be as fancy as you might like but I promise to do my best.  Just leave me your name and the title of the song. It would also be nice if you could provide me a link for the lyrics (this is only to save time but you don't have to). If it's a performance, give me a link to it because I don't really download performances unless it's NEWS so most likely I won't have it.

ps. don't ask me to translate a show because I don't know Japanese.
7th-May-2008 09:37 am - Rain & Colbert Dance off
So my friend texted me at 520 this morning to ask me if I've watched the rain and colbert dance off on tv..and i was like...WHY ARE YOU TEXTING ME NOW?? WHY DIDN'T YOU TEXT ME WHILE YOU WERE WATCHING IT SO I COULD WATCH IT TOO?! he told me I could just watch it at comedy central which I did today..and it was hilarious...man Colbert must really really love Rain to have him on the show.This is the 2nd time he's showed him on the show. Actually the first time was just a video..but this one was live, sexy RAIN in the flesh. Although I must say, he lost quite a lot of weight? or maybe it's the hair that's making him look skinny? Anyhow, here's the segment.

5th-May-2008 10:13 am - [subbed] Leah Dizon - I L.O.V.E U
Here's my next installment for my series of subbed PV's. It's another Leah Dizon and this time it's I L.O.V.E U. I Hope everyone enjoys it.

Please credit if you're posting it somewhere else and comments are loved \(^o^)/ 

4th-May-2008 09:25 am - a wonderful day with NEWS
I got this from heyly and this really cracked me up.

A Day to Remember with NEWS by Ladys07
Your name:
Your age:
Fave member:
It's another day and the first person you see is:
You think:Saitei!
But this guy appears & interrupts your thoughts:
Youkiss him.
But suddenly your crush appears:
He (your crush) makes youangry when you see him.
However this guy shows up:
and says to you:"forget about him, I am your one and only *chu*"
Youlet out a shy giggle.
But somehow end up getting a love confession from
Then you find out something shocking in the end:

27th-Apr-2008 08:49 pm - [SUBBED] Leah Dizon - Koi Shiyou
as a request from my cousin, i made a karaoke for Leah Dizon's Koi shiyou so I might as well share it with everyone!

Please COMMENT if you're taking this took a while to make and don't forget to credit if you're posting it somewhere else. Please don't upload on any streaming sites. Other than that, ENJOY!

Baby please fall in love....
25th-Apr-2008 10:54 am - [SUBBED] Summer Time
So I made my own version of Summer Time. Gomenasai, i'm still new at this stuff so it's not perfect. I did manage to put the kanji/romanji/translation...bwahhah..major improvement from the last one.

** people that needed to be credited were included in the video itself.

I can't wait for beautiful days!!!
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